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domingo, 15 de noviembre de 2009


- GONZALEZ TORRES is a law firm specialised in providing an integral legal advice to companies and individuals.

The firm GONZALEZ TORRES was founded by two associated lawyers, Ms. Leocricia González Domínguez and Mr.Pedro Torres Romero It is placed in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, although the scope of activity includes the whole Canarian Islands. A third partner joined the firm in October 2005, Mr. Francisco Torres Padrón. The founders have been working as lawyers since 1990, although the law firm was created in 1993.

GONZALEZ TORRES merged in February 2009, following its policy of expanding to all the Canary Islands, with the lawyers Sandra Barrera Vinent and Zoltan Mezei, both with plenty of experience who also had their own law firm in Santa Cruz de Tenerife since 1998. So this way the firm Gonzalez Torres Abogados now has an office open in the island of Tenerife, which shows our commitment with quality, service to the clients and company solvency.

The law firm GONZALEZ TORRES ABOGADOS is capable of dealing with any personal or professional matter for its clients, from a simple legal question to a complex court case, either in the Canary Islands, Spain or abroad.

GONZALEZ TORRES is member of the European Association of lawyers since November 2005 and member of Hispano German Associaton of Lawyers since July 2.007. These affiliations allow us to answer quickly to all your legal needs both local and international.

Working languages are Spanish, French, English and German.

- ACTIVITY AREAS: Our firm is especially open to new technologies, multilingual and focused on corporate law, without forgetting the needs of the individual The areas, in which we can give you advice, are the following:

Civil Law: Contracts in general Corporal damages caused by any accidentWills and inheritances Real estate in generalTraffic accidentsConveyancing
Family Law:Divorce, separation and marriage annulmentsEffects of the divorce on assets held jointlyAdoptions and appointment of tutors .

Criminal Law:Penal cases in generalAssistance in detentions by the Police.

Corporate Law: Company incorporationCorporate governance laws. Commercial contract in general Tax exemptions.

Administrative Law:Appeals in all kind of Administrative matters Negotiations with Public Authorities. Legislation on foreigners (Residence permits, procedure to obtain the Spanish nationality, foreigner expulsion procedures.

Pharmaceutical Law.

Planning Law.

Litigious Administrative Law:Actions, and pursuit of every procedural proceeding until Sentence.

Labor Law:Dismissals, wages claim and recognition of rights Procedures and claims on Social Security matters.

International Law Exequatur and execution of Sentences of Foreign Courts in Spain, according to International Agreements or Conventions.


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